Case Study: Quick Explanation Sketch

Here are some images that show the process of taking a very quick small sketch in a notebook, scanning it in and turning it into a presentable coloured image for a PowerPoint presentation.  The sketch was small and smudged, but had a lively charm that would have been lost if the image was redrawn more carefully.001-box-system

this next image shows the layers used to colour the illustration, but with the lines removed:


And finally the finished illustration, on a grey background selected to fit into the presentation:


Case Study: Hand-Drawn Digitally Coloured Technical Illustration

To help people understand how we go about our work we decided to show how a quick hand-drawn illustration is scanned, coloured and finished on a computer to create an effective and powerful presentation image in only half a day.

Initially, a coloured pencil sketch is roughly sketched.  Once this has taken shape, it is drawn over more precisely with a fine black pen.  This drawing was done on A4 plain paper using a simple blue coloured pencil and a rotring 0.5 technical pen.


Once scanned in, the levels can be adjusted to remove the texture of the paper and any sign of the blue pencil.


At this point the block colour is added, normally on several layers in PhotoShop, sitting beneath the layer with the line drawing.


A further layer is used to add some shading and detailing to create the illusion of 3-dimensions.  Digitally created text is skewed slightly and added in several places.


Finally a water texture is used behind the illustration, and fine detailing such as the splashing section line (where the water surface is cut by the view) and the gentle suggestion of the anchor lines are added.  005

The image has been constructed very quickly, yet clearly shows some complicated concepts which might be difficult to explain, and would be very costly and time-consuming to engineer into a developed 3-dimensional concept.  The resulting image took only 4 hours and could be used in a printed brochure, large-format exhibition stand, PowerPoint presentation, online data-sheet or website.


indigomilk extends its online presence

As part of its relaunch, Indigomilk is in the process of building up a LinkedIn network.  This will shortly be accompanied by a Facebook page and some Pinterest boards to add to the ways that clients and potential clients can follow what we do, like and what we are up to.

Please follow us on LinkedIn, via our page:

Please follow us on Pinterest, via our page: