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design for print

technical graphics


design for print

We take a collection of content and build it into something greater than the sum of its parts, creating a graphical layout that grabs attention, sells a brand, communicates a vision and translates to all forms of media.

We have more than a decade of experience in designing for print but we also design graphics for on-screen applications including PowerPoint presentations, website layout, PDFs, mailshots and email signatures.


Exhibition stands

Vehicle livery

  • packaging artwork, flyers, posters and press adverts

  • exhibition banners

  • album insert & CD

  • 16-page A4 booklet

  • A4 conference folder

  • press advert and flyer

  • 10-page A5 leaflet / form

  • branding development

  • branding development

  • branding development

  • branding development

  • branding development

  • A5 invitation / RSVP form

  • double-sided portrait business card

  • fly posters

technical graphics

Our strong technical background helps us understand what you want to say so we can find the simplest and clearest way to show it visually.

After reading and interpreting your architectural plans, design schematics, engineering drawings or CAD files we can illustrate the most technical of concepts and help you show the world what you are thinking.

Diagrams and infographics

Product branding and styling
Technical drawings

Technical documents
e.g. instruction manuals, datasheets

  • product styling concepts

  • perspective from architectural plans

  • product development sketches

  • technical explanatory cartoon

  • augmented architectural plans

  • technical diagram for product training presentation

  • rapid development of sketch into presentation rendering

  • exploded explanation rendering

  • rendered sectioned presentation drawing


A strong illustration can express an idea more vividly and quickly than hours of talking or pages of written text.

Our design portfolio covers everything from sketched cartoons to crisp schematics so we can make sure we use the style of imagery best suited for your purpose.

Concept sketching
Product visualisations

Architectural visualistations


  • film storyboard

  • film storyboard

  • film storyboard

  • pencil proof

  • vectorised hand-drawing for graphical use

  • pencil proof and coloured hand-drawing

  • large rendered illustration

  • large rendered illustration

  • digitally manipulated hand illustration

  • private house illustrations

  • detailed ink line drawing

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m: +44 (0) 7710805874


about us

INDIGOMILK is a small design consultancy based in Aberdeenshire in Scotland which works with, and welcomes enquiries from, clients across the UK and beyond.

With industry experienced backgrounds in design engineering we specialise in graphic design and illustration for the technical market - but we're also highly experienced in creating graphics for companies across all other business sectors including food and drink, music, film, leisure and the voluntary sector.

We take time to understand the ideas you want to communicate and create ways of achieving them visually.

We design graphics and visuals for print, web or presentation and can even help with your branding.

There are lots of ways to keep up to date with INDIGOMILK: